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Mentor Programme

It is a well-known fact that in order to achieve success as quickly as possible, you need to find someone who has been successful in your chosen area and ask him/her to become your advisor, otherwise known as a mentor or expert.

The expert will promptly point you in the right direction, indicating where you would do best to channel your efforts, and also where you do not need to waste time. As a rule, he/she always has extensive contacts at different levels, which will enable you to save a significant amount of time on discovering how to achieve your goals and will open up doors to areas that had previously been inaccessible.

Experts of the School of Management SKOLKOVO

Experts - business leaders from the founders and/or leadership of the School, who have unique experience, knowledge and way of thinking.

  • Ruben Vardanyan

  • Andrey Rappoport

  • Pekka Viljakainen

In addition, the experts may be famous businessmen, politicians and public figures, who have achieved significant success in their areas of expertise and have been recommended by the founders as Experts.

Personal growth master class

The personal growth master class is a cross-modular course in the MBA Programme established to develop student potential and facilitate the realisation of the individual’s plans. Experts, represented by Russia's entrepreneurial elite, provide the educational framework. Having successfully attained the heights of more than one business summit, they will pass on to the students their own invaluable experience, skills and expertise, which will become their ace in the pack when resolving business challenges.

The master classes encompass two development areas for students: attainment of goals and personal development.

Attaining set goals under the guidance of an Expert renders this process more effective, while the focus on personal development forms the leadership skills required for success.

Work in the Master Classes will proceed in small groups that focus on your specific goals

This represents a possible (but by no means exhaustive) list of the types of goals, projects and ideas that could serve as the basis for the establishment of the group:

  • Developing your own business
  • Start-up
  • Career progression at a corporation
  • Change in scope of activities\profession
  • Public activity
  • Personal development\self-determination
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Regional development

The main goal of the Expert is to help the students with their development aspirations by openly sharing their own knowledge with the students and facilitating the growth of the student’s skills.

If you have any questions on admission to the SKOLKOVO MBA Programme, please contact the programme consultants:

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Individual consultation

If you have any questions on admission to the SKOLKOVO MBA Programme,
please contact the programme consultant:

Maria Polikarpova

Personal Consultant

+7 985 111 26 32


Sofia Kalugina

Personal Consultant

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Julia Tsyban

Personal Consultant

+7 963 610 28 09